Jennifer Halbesma Design is an approachable design studio with services that range from interior design to exterior and landscape planning. 

Jennifer studied Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba before establishing her own landscape/Interior Design studio in 2013. 

She started off her career with a specialization in Interiors but always felt a strong bond to landscapes. 

“The garden is so crucial to enhancing the way we can enjoy our home. I knew I wanted to learn more and to invest time to make my work more comprehensive.” 

Jennifer has established a reputation for her attention to detail and timelessness of her designs. Her focus is always on the arrangement of space, harmony of proportions to human scale with a strong sensitivity to the surroundings. Thus creating spaces that feel collected over time, layered and full of objects that mean something to the client, not stagnant or overly staged but an accurate representation of life. 

This philosophy not only ensures a space will look amazing as the design matures and evolves but will feel natural and comfortable during the functioning of everyday living thanks to the thoughtfulness of every little detail. 

Design is about establishing a story through space, an interpretation of the client that is uncovered through each garden and interior design, carefully complex and crafted with layers, where each thoughtful detail adds a page to the story of our client.


Jennifer Halbesma Design can help you tell your story.